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Chuango G5W (3G) Wireless Alarm Specifications & Information


The Chuango G5W (3G) Wireless Security Alarm System is an easy to use and install DIY home and office alarm system. Being wireless, you can forget about expensive wiring and installation costs. Easy to follow instruction come with each Chuango product. The G5W runs on any Telstra, Optus or Vodafone network with a 3G mobile SIM card. This means that you can easily monitor your own alarm system with NO back to base monitoring costs or lock in contracts.

Start small with our various alarm packages and grow over time. The G5W is an affordable and versatile alarm system that you can trust.


The Chuango G5W (3G) Wireless Security Alarm System is an elegantly designed system that is ultra-responsive to touch. This system will keep you notified via text messages and/or phone calls upon an alarm activation or with the detection of abnormalities such as low-battery notifications from wireless sensors and accessories. 

Interact with your G5W directly from the panel, via a RFID tag, a paired remote control or through the smartphone app that is compatible with iOS and Android.

Wireless system that operates on 3G/WCDMA frequency and can support up to 50 wireless alarm sensors/accessories.

Elegantly designed and delivering sensational user experience. You can grow the wireless system as you go.

The G5W is designed to be user friendly, enabling you to setup the alarm to your requirements.

No lock-in contracts, no ongoing fees and no back-to-base monitoring. The G5W can be easily monitored via your smartphone app.

3G mobile SIM operating on a Telstra, Optus or Vodafone network, giving you notifications wherever you are.

Armed with a SIM card, the G5W can double as a phone, enabling you to make calls directly from the panel. It can support 5 emergency phone numbers and 5 text message numbers.

Products tested and approved with A & C-TICK compliance and meets the standards for Australia and New Zealand.

Feature List

  • 3g mobile networks (Australian mobile carriers such as Telstra, Optus & Vodafone)

  • Free Apple & Android APP

  • Status warning tone if 3g mobile connection has dropped out & 3g signal strength test via SMS

  • Arm/Disarm with RFID swipe tag and an SMS notification including username of RFID tag will be sent to system Administrator

  • Away/Stay/Home arming

  • Arming and disarming via Remote Control, Keypad, SMS, RFID Tag or phone call

  • Home Zone Group for partial arming ie. Night time arming

  • Door Chime option on entry zone

  • Exit and Entry delay options

  • Zone name customisation ie. Zone 1 becomes "Entry PIR", Zone 2 changed to "Bedroom" etc..

  • Store up to 5 mobile numbers for SMS notification if the alarm is triggered

  • An extra 5 numbers can be programmed for the alarm system to call when the alarm is triggered

  • Record outgoing 10 second voice message which will be played to stored phone numbers if the alarm is triggered

  • Store up to 5 mobile numbers for SMS system status alerts ie. Power failure, power restore, low battery issues etc.

  • Built in 85dB siren and loud speaker

  • Listen-in function simply by sending an SMS to the control panel – it will call you back

  • 24hour emergency alarm zone, ideal for panic buttons or smoke detectors

  • 1 speed-dial number can be programmed and allocated to the dedicated speed-dial button

  • Supports: 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID swipe tags, 10 remote controls and/or wireless keypads, Unlimited wireless strobe sirens

Alarm Specifications

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